How to Create Scandinavian Style Interiors

The Scandinavian interior design style has been around since the 1950s and has remained a loved and popular design style among homeowners and designers. Neutrals, functionality, elegance, and minimalism all meet up in the Nordic interior design style. So, if you want to create a Scandinavian interior, you better start focusing on these elements.


The Nordic design emphasizes light, bright open spaces, with large spaces to move around and breathe. Visual elements like white spaces and clean fine lines are typical of this style and evoke calmness and airiness. Something else you will appreciate of a Scandinavian style is that it’s not clattered.

Go for quality

In line with the Scandinavian design philosophy and craftsmanship, invest in superior quality and multi-purpose pieces. Nordic style light fixtures, furniture, and other functional pieces should come with a modern and striking look while not being overly ornate. However, this doesn’t mean sacrificing style in any way. Well-designed and crafted ordinary pieces can become decorative pieces in their own way.

Bring in nature

Scandinavians have a hard-earned appreciation and attachment to nature. You, therefore, have to work with nature to understand and respect it. One way to work with nature is to bring it right inside your house. Honour the Scandinavian design principle by bringing in natural elements like wood, houseplants, natural textiles, and upholstery, such as linen, mohair, burlap, and wool, and nature-inspired sculptural elements.

Use contrast

Like several other interior design principles, the Scandinavian interior design style relies heavily on contrast. Although you might think of colours at the opposite ends of the colour wheel at the mention of the word contrast, in the real sense, contrast applies to an array of design elements like mood, shape, size, and texture. Instead of creating a colour contrast, contrast dark and light neutrals, new and old pieces, straight and wavy, flashes of colours and neutrals, cosiness and utility, abstract and natural. To punctuate the look, contrast your foundational elements such as furniture, walls, wall art, and light fixtures.


Sparingly use textiles to maximize the effect of their presence. Colourful rugs resting on pristine wooden floors defining a lounge area and a couple of scatter cushions with prints of bright chevrons can bring a light-coloured room to life.

Creating a Scandinavian-themed interior is affordable and straightforward—focus on muted neutral, wall art, and keep everything minimal. Read Tylko’s article about Scandinavian interior design for more information: