Modern Moss Walls Designs

As an outdoor lover, you might struggle with how to bring the outdoors indoors. This can be easily done by having plants like moss in your internally living spaces. This has its own benefits as you get fresh clean air and the beauty is also mesmerizing. This is added by the fact that there three types of moss walls that can be incorporated into your space.


Instead of just having a blank wall in your living space, you may turn a section of your wall into an art project. Different moss can form a pattern and enclosed in a frame. This is a new form of art involving moss on a fine living scale. The moss is easier to tend to and gives the room character as an art piece.

Splash Walls

Kitchen sink walls, bathtub walls and even sink walls are always left bare and with no d├ęcor. Well, the new moss walls for these spaces make it vibrant and colourful. This is especially visible in the washrooms where it’s always boring and no engaging feature. The moss walls in these spaces are easy to maintain as they soak up the humidity in the air which helps them nourish and keep the spaces dry.


As Moss walls are easy to make and last for more than two decades. They can act as an exterior coating for walls and also help in the thermal regulation of external walls in a building. This can be achieved by blending different plants on the moss walls to achieve a good rate of thermal regulation.