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About Us

Rachelle, the CEO, started Kitchen-nista in the mist of the pandemic because there weren't enough products available to address her needs and wants when cooking in the kitchen. Growing up with a chef as a parent, she saw her mom struggle to keep from throwing away utensils and other kitchen goods because it would break or burn easily.
This is when Kitchen-nista was born; to create products that were both beautiful and durable. Kitchen-nista is more than a kitchen store. It is a place where people who cook in the kitchen would be able to fulfill their needs for cookware such as durable, heat resistant, edgy, multi-use, and modern, all while staying at an affordable price.
We want Kitchen-nista to be your number one source for cookware, cutlery, and accessories. With product design under our belt, we understand the exceptional detail it takes to develop a high quality kitchen utensil. Our kitchenware store ensures well-crafted utensils and appliances that meet Kitchen-nista's high standards. 
We offer a wide selection of quality cookware to meet the demands of any chef. Our products are made from high-quality ceramic material which is one of the most durable materials. Our kitchen tools include superior quality and easy-to-clean materials that are functional enough for everyday kitchen use. From traditional induction cookware to recommended non-stick bakeware, our commitment and dedication to excellence is what makes us the number one essential kitchen brand.
Our style combines stylish looks, the latest technologies, state-of-the-art materials, and an appreciation for great design. Whether it be a ceramic kitchen set, a digital measuring cup, or a foldable electric kettle, we offer the right pieces to complete your collection.
Above all, Kitchen-nista strives to give people the joy of cooking. We provide great quality kitchenware products, and essential gadgets that are trendy, stylish, and meet the needs of an everyday cook. Kitchen-nista strives to be unique. It brings happiness to cooking with great looking kitchen supplies and accessories that meet every need in the kitchen. When purchasing from Kitchen-nista, you can be confident that you're receiving a good product and great service that is guaranteed to last.